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Sonett FREE GIFT Eco-sponge 2 pack value $7.95

Buy 2 products from the Sonett “Cleaning Range” and receive a FREE 2 pack Eco-Sponge as a gift. Type SONETTECOSPONGE in the Additional Information box during checkout.

Offer available until 31st October and while stock lasts.

Floor Mopping Fluid

with organic olive oil soap, organic carnauba wax and beeswax

• Suitable for wood, cork, parquet flooring, stone, tiles, linoleum

• Protects waxed, oiled and varnished floors with a natural wax film and without building up layers

• Completely biodegradable

• Free from petrochemical solvents, brighteners, emulsifiers, silicone oils

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At Sonett, the treatment of water is of essential importance. The entire processing water (at present approx. 10,000 litres per day) is passed through a swirling unit. The free-flowing water passes through 12 egg- shaped glass vessels and accelerating its flow, develops into beautifully shaped vortexes.



Sonett – A pioneer for ecological laundry and cleaning products


For more than 40 years Sonett has consistently developed household cleaning and laundry products in a quality that is unique. Highly effective, ecological and economical with 100% rapid biodegradability, respecting water as the essence of life. For you, your family, our planet.


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Washing Instructions   How to do the laundry!

Washing Instructions

How to do the laundry!

The Sonett-Quality   The 3 Sonett Quality Levels

The Sonett-Quality

The 3 Sonett Quality Levels

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Sonett So Unique!


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