How to create a cosy bed for winter

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Winter is here and there’s nothing quite like snuggling up in your cosy bed.

1) Everything rests on the mattress

You can have the most luxurious bed linen in the world but if you’re on an uncomfortable mattress it’s not going to matter nor give you a great night’s sleep.

As recent converts to an organic latex mattress with a super comfy topper I can say morning back aches have gone, no roll together, deeper sleeps and worth every cent. Dust mites don’t like latex either which is an added bonus.

2) Sheets

Organic cotton flannel sheets are snuggly winter favourites. It’s a personal preference thing though. Organic cotton percale may be your preference through all seasons.

3) Quilt

Change to a heavier weight quilt for winter. Wool quilts are best for a myriad of reasons. For example it’s naturally anti-allergenic, it doesn’t collect static which attracts dust and dirt. Wool quilts, mattress protectors and pillows are recommended for those who suffer from allergies, dust mite allergies, asthma and/or eczema.

In my opinion there’s simply nothing more cosy than being sandwiched between a wool mattress protector and wool quilt. Check out The Benefits of Wool and you may be interested in Aussie Quilts.

4) Body temperatures

Guys have a tendency to run hotter than women. So if one of you needs more warmth than the other double over a lovely old woollen blanket for over your sheet and under your doona, alternatively use it over the top as a throw.

5) Setting the mood

There’s something about darker, moody bedding in winter, it just looks more cosy and inviting at this time of year, over the light and bright hues or patterns for summer.

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We love Laundry Liquid Lavender or sensitive for bedding. For extra soft laundry use Laundry Rinse in your final rinse water. This neutralises the rinse water which smoothes fibres and softens your laundry. It also brightens colours.

Laundry Rinse is free from essential oils, because it’s always recommended for those with allergies. However, if allergies are not an issue in your household and you have a favourite blend of essentials oils, you may wish to include a few drops into your bottle.

Wash your wool in Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk or sensitive which is free from essential oils. For extra care use Wool Care in your final rinse which restores the protective hydrolipidic film to wool and restores the natural elasticity to wool.

Authentically ecological is the way to go, especially for your bed linen. You’re in between the sheets for a good 7-8 hours a night, it’s not where you would want synthetic chemical and optical brightener residues from conventional products.

Linen blanket from  Bhumi

Linen blanket from Bhumi

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