5 Common Cleaning Mistakes

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1) Using cleaning products on electronics

Cleaning products, paper towels and electronics don’t mix. Use a good quality, spotlessly clean, dry microfibre cloth. If needed only very slightly dampened with filtered or distilled water.


2) Carpet spills

Fight the temptation to rub - blot and absorb instead. Use a white paper towel (because some prints can run) and lay on the spill to absorb. If you can still see colour, pour a little cold water on the stain to dilute and once again lay paper towels and press to absorb, repeat if necessary.

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3) Washing windows on a sunny day

The heat of the sun will make your cleaner dry too quickly, which is likely to then cause streaks. Save this job for a cooler, cloudy day.

For large area window cleaning we recommend All-Purpose Cleanser diluted, 5ml per 5 litres of water.


4) Spraying cleaner directly on surfaces

Spray cleaner on your cloth for economical product use, rather than spraying cleaner directly on the surface to be cleaned, which often results in over-using product.

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5) Forgetting to wash your kitchen sponge

Anything laying around damp will attract bacteria and mould. Wash your kitchen sponge once or twice a week and dry full outside in the sunshine for a dose of UV.

One in use, one in wash, one spare.

Sonett Eco-Sponge 2 pack contains the uppermost percentage of regenerative, biodegradable cotton and sisal fibres. Durable and pleasant to the touch.

Sponge: 100% cellulose fibres • Abrasive surface: 60% sisal, 40% recycling PET • Adhesive bonding: polyurethane


Sonett products are concentrated, they’re really economical when used correctly, particularly products which are usually used highly diluted such as Orange Power CleanerAll-Purpose Cleanser, and multi-use product Dishwashing Liquid/All-Purpose Cleanser sensitive.

TIP: Use an old trigger bottle from Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner or Bathroom Cleaner to make up your dilution so it’s ready to go.

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