Washing Instructions

Learn how to separate your laundry, how to fill the machine correctly and what to consider when drying the laundry.

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Separating the laundry

  • Separate your laundry according to the washing instructions on the garment’s label.

  • Separate dark and light clothes in order to avoid colours turning grey.

  • Turn coloured clothes inside out before washing. This way, the colour stays bright for a longer period of time, and streaking is avoided.

  • Make sure to empty the pockets of all coats, jackets, and trousers before washing and close the zips and buttons. Treat stains with Sonett Gall Soap before washing or according to the tips for stain removal.

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Filling the machine correctly

  • Fill the machine (front loader) so that there’s a fist’s width between the washing and the drum. This way the detergent dissolves better, the clothes are cleaner and residues are thoroughly rinsed away.



  • Various tables will show you what to take into account when measuring out the laundry detergent, and how you can adapt the amount of laundry detergent and softener to be measured out according to water hardness and degree of soiling in order to obtain an ideal result.

  • Please follow the instructions on the respective label concerning the dosage.



Dosage Sonett detergents


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Choosing the right detergent


Sonett laundry detergents are indicated for any kind of fabric or material, be it cotton, linen, hemp or fabric blends, wool or silk. It is especially delicate fabrics that are perfectly cared for.

Sonett Laundry Liquid Color, Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk, and Laundry Powder Color sensitive develop their washing performance at a washing temperature of as low as 20 °C (68 °F).


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Drying the laundry

  • After washing, take the laundry out of the machine as soon as possible. This is particularly important when the washing cycle is below 60 °C, as remaining micro-organisms can multiply and lead to a musty smell in the washing.

  • Leave detergent drawer (front loader) and door / lid open after use for better ventilation.

  • Remember that hanging-up laundry is the most energy-efficient way of drying.

  • Dryers should not be overloaded and the washing should not be left in too long.