TIPS for window and glass cleaning

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Sonett All-Purpose Cleanser is ideal for cleaning large areas of windows and glass surfaces. You'll enjoy its gentle aroma and good skin tolerance.

Application: For window cleaning, add only 5ml (1 tsp) All-Purpose Cleanser to 5 litres of water in a bucket. Ecological and economical! Apply with sponge to the entire surface to be cleaned and remove with a rubber squeegee. 


Streak-free cleaning of glass surfaces

Sonett Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner cleans streak-free all small glass surfaces such as mirrors, car windows, glass splash backs. It also cleans counters, stainless steel and plastic surfaces and removes fingerprints on metal surfaces.

Application: Use the spray bottle to moisten the surface to be cleaned well and wipe it thoroughly with a quality microfibre cloth. Remove coarse dirt in advance.

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Both products are characterised by the fresh scent of essential oils from certified organic farming or wild collection and are 100% biodegradable.

All Sonett products are certified to the highest ecological standards. Information about the certifications can be found here.

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