7 TIPS on how to create the perfect kitchen


Make your kitchen the heart of your home

Kitchens are really the soul of the house and are for more than just cooking but also for congregating. In older houses, the kitchen tends to be isolated and often small. Today, people want a kitchen that incorporates both a workspace and a casual space for dining, or for the kids to get their homework done.

1) Prep Zone, Cook Zone and Wash Zone

Think less in terms of the traditional triangle layout and more in terms of creating a work area that goes from fridge to sink to stove, with several paces between. The fridge and the sink need to be linked, but the cooking section can be a little more independent. Keep the dishwasher near the sink, and try to keep the bin within easy reach of the Wash Zone, Prep Zone and the Cook Zone. This is simply about keeping the most-used areas of the kitchen in close enough proximity to each other.

Baking trays, pots and pans near the Cook Zone, platters and chopping boards near the Prep Zone and access to dinnerware and cutlery away from the work zone so others can assist in setting the table.

Nothing beats a full extension drawer for pots and pans over trying to reach back into a cupboard for that deep dish pot and lid! Kitchen renovation trend is the use of drawers for storage of crockery, cooking utensils and saucepans.

2) Desirable design elements in a kitchen

There is a real benefit to a sink with a view.

An exterior space is a huge bonus; if you can add flow through and a deck to create a place to eat al fresco or have a barbecue.

Think carefully about how you plan on using your kitchen. Over the past few years it’s more common to create a multi-use space where you can cook, eat, entertain and help with the children’s homework. Independent dining rooms are increasingly redundant, with the preference to create a single, larger space where people can gather.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 12.54.11 PM.png

3) Kitchen Island

A work zone and social hub, the island provides additional work surface and can also include a breakfast bar. Think about incorporating sockets for charging phones and laptops as well. An island is the ultimate multitasking space, it’s also helpful to give a little separation between dining and kitchen without being cut off.

Avoid placing your sink on the island bench if you’re a drip-dryer, alternatively build up the bench around the sink to hide it.

4) Colour

Go for bold colour on your kitchen cabinets, your island, or for your splash back. Alternatively incorporate colour in accessories or artwork to add a little more personality into your space.

5) Style with appliances

You may wish to use smart coloured appliances to make a strong design statement, adding contrast and interest to the kitchen. Red appliances in particular suit white or rich, dark colour schemes.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 10.44.49 AM.png

6) Clear the bench

If items can be put away or stored out of sight, the kitchen will be a much better place to work.

7) Build around light

One simple trick to make your kitchen appear bigger is to make the most of the natural light available.


Kitchen with personality

Love everything about this pic, the cats scrapping, the dog watching on, and of course the stunning Highland splashback by By The Horns

📷 Donald, the proud owner of the splashback


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