Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist - Bedrooms


Wardrobes: Likely to be the biggest job, so it’s first on the list. Working on only one shelf at a time, tidy bedroom closets. Refold items that need it, keep like items together, place items you no longer want or use in a donation bag. Remove anything on the floor of the closet and thoroughly vacuum. Match shoes back into pairs.

Reorganise: Take everything out and wipe shelves with microfibre cloth and Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner or diluted All-Purpose Cleanser or Orange Cleaner. Make the most of hanging space. Fold clothes that don’t really need to be on hangers such as jeans, sweaters, tee shirts etc.

Organising wardrobe clutter: Place smaller articles, such as scarves, dress jewellery, belts etc on shelves, hangers or in bins to keep them together.

It’s easy enough to hang your clothes up but it’s all the accessories like scarves, dress jewellery and belts that never seem to have a proper home.

Hooks on the inside of cupboard doors provide a home for jewellery, or old door nobs on the wall, and as for all those scarves, how about purchasing a towel rail and attach to the back of your bedroom door for a colourful display and easy access.


Drawers: tidy and reorganise.

Wash Curtains: Follow manufacturers instructions firstly. If possible hand wash or only use a very gentle delicate wash with Olive Liquid Laundry for Wool & Silk.

Clear clutter on surfaces such as dressing table, chest of drawers, shelves.

Mirror(s): For streak free mirror cleaning use a clean microfibre cloth moistened with warm water and Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner. Then the same technique for windows. Although for large areas of windows we recommend using All-Purpose Cleanser.

Wet Dust: Use a microfibre cloth moistened with warm water and a spray of Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner.

Complete your Bedroom Spring Clean with a vacuum for carpet and for hard flooring a vacuum and a clean with a cotton washable floor cloth with diluted All-Purpose Cleanser.

And the finishing touch, some fresh flowers.


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