Anthroposophy -  The Source of Sonett



"Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge that seeks to bring together the spiritual in man with the spiritual in the world and in nature."

Rudolf Steiner 1924


Anthroposophy understands man as a being that does not stop at death and was there before birth. The purpose and meaning of life is the development to freedom. Freedom requires responsibility for oneself, one's fellow human beings and the whole of nature. This view extends the understanding of sustainability to the point that it is not enough for us to exploit nature a little less, but to refine, enrich, and raise nature to a higher level of development.

So we do not want to produce laundry and household cleaning products that only superficially remove the dirt, but in truth pollute the world even more. We want everyone to win through our products: the customers, our suppliers and, above all, nature itself, to whom we owe the raw materials for our products.

Anthroposophy is in this sense responsible for the development of man, nature and the entire cosmos.




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