The Oloid


The Oloid is a geometrically precisely designed rolling element that can be developed from the inversion of the cube.

The Oloid is easy to move on the plane and describes a staggering, pulsating movement - the inversion movement.

In mechanical engineering common movements are: the rotation and the translation (progressive movements).

Oloid characteristic tumbling motion: inversion . It represents a third type of movement: a rhythmically pulsating 8-shaped movement, the so-called lemniscate.

The lemniscatic inversion movement, with its oscillating, rhythmically pulsating inversion, is much closer to the movements in the sphere of life than the rotation, which revolves around a central point and is determined by high pressure and centrifugal forces that are thrown outwards.

If one follows the course of the Lemniscate, one sees how continually the exterior turns inside out and goes out again through the point of intersection. It is a movement of the light, which only needs a small impulse at the points of transition, and then continues to swing on its own.


In nature, we find this movement in the naturally flowing water that strives for lemniscate in its meandering movements. Alder water arms, such as on the Rhine, are the result of this basic movement of the water, as the meandering loops approach more and more and are finally broken.

With the inversion movement we have in the machine application the transition to a life-promoting technique that works with the pulsating rhythm and light forces instead of the life-destroying technique of rotation. This principle of motion has many practical applications, for example in water purification and treatment, as a propulsion system in shipping, as an agitator in biotechnology, as a mixer (Turbula) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sonett uses the Oloid as a mixing and rhythmitising device for the production of balsamic additives.




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