Simple Habits for an Uncluttered Home


“Out of clutter comes simplicity.”

~ Albert Einstein

1) A clean, uncluttered home is a relaxing home

It really doesn't take much longer to put something in its rightful place as opposed to not in its place. And the results are infinitely better. So part of home organisation and declutter is for everything to have its proper place. 

2) Positive mindset

Try not to think of home cleanliness and decluttering as a chore, but more of an expression of appreciation for your home. A small change in perspective can aid exponentially in getting the job done and keeping it that way. 

3) Clutter has a way of accumulating

You may find clutter accumulates in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen bench, the dining table, and the first place you enter your home, the entrance. Examine all that's been left lying around, then give those items a storage place. At the entry it maybe too many jackets, bags, backpacks, dog leads, shoes. The kitchen bench or the dining table may end up being a dumping ground for mail, keys, mobile phones. Designated storage places are what's needed. 

4) The problem of miscellaneous items

Like the ever increasing pile of mail, maybe a basket in the pantry, just not the kitchen bench or dining table, where it just attracts more clutter. Get hooks organised for keys, dog leads. Perhaps a shoe cupboard for the entrance or an old wooden wardrobe for shoes and jackets. A small wooden box or a beautiful serving bowl can be used for phones, keys, wallets/loose change.

5) Household responsibility

Get everyone in the family involved in the Declutter Project. 

6) One step at a time

Doesn't matter if it's one drawer at a time, one cupboard at a time, or one room at a time. So long as you're moving in the right direction. Set a goal of organising one area a day, or one area a week.

7) Do you really need it?

When you're about to buy something for your home, take a couple of days or so to think on it. Often you will find the 'need' wavers or is completely forgotten.  

Favourite for quick cleaning around the home is trigger action Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner 500ml and economical 1 litre refill. I love the aroma of Lavender and Lemongrass and it's soothing scent just helps.

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For the cleaning of large window panes, we recommend using diluted All-Purpose Cleanser and work with sponge and squeegee.


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