Allergies, Eczema, Asthma and Dust Mites


House dust mites are present in most human environments, thriving in warm moist places such as mattresses, bedding and carpets, and feeding mainly on flaked-off dead skin.

Up to 85% of people with asthma are affected by the faeces of house dust mites. Those with the most common form of eczema, atopic eczema which is closely linked to asthma, are also affected by dust mites.


Mites will not be killed in a cold or warm wash but mite allergens (faecal matter) will be made safe and washed away. Low-temperature cycles in washing machines don’t get rid of dust mites, say scientists, 30 or 40°C washes only killed 6% of house dust mites compared with 100% at 60°C, Korean researchers found.

Allergy UK agreed with these latest findings presented at an American Thoracic Society conference. They advise allergy sufferers use 60°C washes.

  • Hot tumble drying items for half an hour after outside drying also kills dust mites.

  • Dust mites love humid climates - dehumidify.

  • Dust mites are sensitive to dry conditions, changes in temperature, and ultra-violet light.

  • Use an organic cotton dust mite proof cover for NEW mattress and pillows, as a preventative measure to mites getting into the mattress and pillows.

  • A latex mattress is inhospitable to dust mites. No dust mite cover required.

  • Latex pillows are inhospitable to dust mites, wool or silk pillows, and doonas, are naturally resistant to dust mites.

  • Put blankets, pillows and doonas in a plastic bag and pop in the freezer for 48 hours to kill dust mites. You must wash these items after they have been in the freezer to ensure the residue from the mites is gone.

  • Every two to three months, children's soft toys should be frozen in the freezer and then hung out in sunlight for six hours.

  • Dust mites cannot survive on hardwood floors, as opposed to carpet.

  • Always wet dust and wash cloth in a 60° wash.

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