TIPS for white and hygienic laundry

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With Bleach Complex and Stain Remover 450g also available in refill 5kg


Stain Removal

  • Bleach Complex removes all oxidisable stains from white and colourfast coloured laundry. Such as fruit, red wine, tea, coffee, grass, blood etc.  

  • For dirty clothing, add 60ml / 60g to the Laundry Liquid/Powder drawer for the main wash. 

  • Stain removal from 50°C in the washing machine, however, by soaking overnight, stain removal is possible as low as 20°C.

Washing Sportswear

  • Bleach Complex removes unpleasant odours that have settled in sportswear.

  • Add half a scoop to the wash programme. 

  • Odour removal from 30°C or soak overnight from 20°C.

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  • The most environmentally friendly way to bleach! 

  • Our oxygen-based bleach complex is 100% biodegradable.

  • Bleach Complex and Stain Remover is a pure oxygen bleach, without petrochemical bleach activators (TAED). 

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