TIPS for longer-lasting clothes

  1. Colour fade is one of the first signs of wear. If possible hang your clothes to dry in the shade, away from harsh UV and use colour protective Laundry Liquid Colour.
  2. Turn all clothes, especially jeans, inside out for washing, drying and ironing.
  3. Use good hangers that won’t snag fabrics and keep the shape of your garments.
  4. Store your clothes in a dark, dry, cool place.
  5. Button up and zip up! You don’t want zips, buttons or velcro to snag on fabrics and damage other items in the laundry load.
  6. Use a protective laundry bag for your lingerie, swimsuits and delicates.
  7. Front loaders are much more gentle on your clothes than agitators and use much less water. Use the gentle delicates cycle plenty.
  8. Fragrance free Laundry Rinse, revives the brightness of colours, rinses out any laundry liquid or powder residue and it smoothes fibres. Smooth fibres need less ironing and ironing is hard on clothes.
  9. Iron less, another reason to use delicates cycle which won’t crease clothes as much and use hangers to dry.
  10. Shop for quality and timeless classics from brands that care about longevity and use natural fabrics. Disposable fashion won’t last, no matter how well you care for it.
  11. Read garment labels and follow care instructions.
  12. Remove stains as soon as possible. Stain Remover is effective yet very gentle to delicate fabrics. Spray, wait 10 minutes, then pop in the delicates wash or hand wash. For tough stains, particularly with an oil or grease content use Gall Liquid Soap 120ml or 300ml, alternatively super long-lasting Gall Soap
  13. Sort your laundry, whites do stay whiter when washed without coloured items. If whites need a freshen up use Bleach Complex & Stain Remover 450g, refill in 5kg, and do an overnight soak before washing.
  14. Change from your work clothes when you come home.
  15. Always use an apron when cooking to protect your clothes.
  16. Avoid dryer use.
  17. Don’t overload your washing machine.
  18. Use effective and gentle Sonett Laundry products. Kind to your clothes, your skin and our environment.

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