Scouring Fluid 500ml

Scouring Fluid 500ml


Pure vegetable surfactants

  • For gently cleaning stainless steel, enamel, plastic, glass ceramics, silver
  • Fresh fragrance of essential lemongrass oil, certified organically grown
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Available in: 0,5 litre
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Further Information



Special product feature This Scouring Fluid is based on pure lime powder and is extraordinarily mild and gentle in its use. Thanks to the mixture of natural lavender and citrus oils used, a slightly germ-inhibiting effect is achieved.

Ranges of application For gently cleaning stainless steel, enamel, plastic, glass ceramics, fittings, silver.

Application For gently cleaning stainless steel, enamel, plastic, glass ceramics, fittings, silver.

For stubborn dirt and light lime scale deposits, we recommend the use of Sonett Scouring Powder.

Dosage Apply the Scouring Fluid straight to the surface to be cleaned. Rub in with a damp cloth and then wipe off or rinse with clean water. Shake before use. Keep the cap tightly closed.


Product declaration

Finely ground calcium carbonate >50%

Coconut oil alcohol sulphate and sugar surfactants 1–5%

Natural essential oils from lavender and lemongrass, certified organically grown < 1%

Water up to 100%

List of ingredients as per EC 648/2004

Aqua, calcium carbonate, alkylpolyglucoside C10–C16 (lauryl glucoside), sodium C12–C14 fatty alcohol sulphate (sodium lauryl sulfate), parfum, linalool, citral certified organically grown

Origin and properties of the ingredients Calcium Carbonate (CaCO₂) figures among the most widespread minerals on earth. For this product we use calcium carbonate originating from the deposits of the Swabian Alb. It is slightly abrasive and serves as the main ingredient of the Scouring Fluid. Its cleaning efficiency is enhanced by the fat-dissolving performance of coconut-oil alcohol sulphate and sugar surfactants. Coconut-oil alcohol sulphate is obtained by having coconut oil react with sulphur. Sugar surfactants are obtained by forming compounds of coconut oil and sugar derived from molasses or starch, adding small amounts of acids as catalyst.

Technical data

Density: 20 °C approx.1.30 g / cm³, 68 °F approx. 0.046 oz / in³

pH value: 20 °C, 5 g / litre  H₂O, 68 °F, 0.18 oz / 34 fl oz US H₂O, approx. 7–8



Lime powder is a mineral by nature needing no further degradation. Despite the fact that during the manufacturing of coconut oil alcohol sulphate and sugar surfactants, constituents are being extracted from the plant-based raw materials starch, sugar, and fat, they remain completely intact in their natural molecular structure. For this reason it is relatively easy for the microorganisms to 100% decompose these surfactants rapidly. Sugar surfactant and coconut oil alcohol sulphate are classified as being readily biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.

Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.



CSE (Certified Sustainable Economics)

Vegan Society


Bottle: PE

Label, cap: PE / PP

Outer carton: 100% recycling material