Frequently Asked Questions


What is your shipping policy?

Within Australia - There is Free shiping available for all orders within Australia that is over $100. Otherwise the shipping cost is a standard $9.90.

International Shipping - Unfortunately we do not ship Sonett Internationally.


Can the Laundry liquids/Laundry powders be used in a Top or Front Loader?

Yes they can both be used on Top and Front Loaders.


The Laundry Powder does not dissolve. What can I do?

Fill the powder straight into the drum instead of filling it into the detergent compartment. Perhaps the water pressure is too low and thus the powder is not completely dissolving.


Are there any laundry liquids/powders that are suitable to use in cold water? 

The liquids are suitable for cold water. Although 30 degrees and above is recommended.

The Powder is recommended for use at 40 degrees and above.