Care TIPS for your bras


A good bra is expensive, these care tips will save your bras!

1. The perfect fit goes a long way for a long life

Get professionally fitted for your correct bra size regularly, because your shape changes. A bra in the correct size will last longer as the garment isn’t overstressed.

If underwires are popping through quickly or the bra cup too saggy, you’re likely to be wearing the wrong size.

Check the basics:

  • underwire must not be digging into breast flesh

  • bra band so tight you can’t breathe

  • no double-boob action

2. Give your bras a spacious home

For all moulded cups, the best way to store your bras is to lay them flat in a drawer which will protect the integrity of the cup shape.


3. Avoid

Conventional fabric softener is not your lingerie’s friend. It reduces the elasticity of your knickers and bras. It causes the lycra content to perish more quickly leaving those tiny white pieces of broken lycra showing on the wings of the bra.

Don’t use the dryer – it’s bra and undies suicide. The underwires will start to pop out, the fabric will fray and they’ll lose their shape. Lingerie needs to air dry, hang lingerie on a drying rack or even better dry flat. If drying outside keep well away from direct sunlight.

4. Washing

Best care is to hand wash with gentle, effective, protective of elasticity Sonett Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk, also available in sensitive, which is free from natural essential oils.

  • Wash after 2-3 uses.

  • Do up the bra, so hooks and eyes can’t catch.

  • Wash white bras separate from coloured bras.

  • A squeeze of Laundry Liquid into the sink, tub or bucket will do, a little hot water from the tap initially, then fill with cold water. Heat is bad news for elasticity.

  • Give it a swish around, leave for 20 minutes, another swish around, then rinse under the cold water tap.

    Hand washing really isn’t too time consuming especially given the extending life care benefits.

  • Dry flat on a laundry rack if possible and away from direct sunlight. If you have to hang, hang only from the middle, between the cups, not the shoulder straps or bands as it will stretch them, and away from UV.

If you absolutely have to wash in the machine, only do so with a structured delicates bag and on cold delicates cycle.

5. Wear and tear

If you’re wearing the same one or two bras all the time then buy more of those exact bras. Better to be rotating 4 bras per week than thrashing those two comfy ones.

Your bra must have a chance to rest between uses. This is because the fibres need to recover to retain their elasticity, especially bras that contain elastane, which is almost all bras on the market. A night’s rest is not enough, a bra needs to rest for a couple of days to contract again.


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