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Sonett are changing their product certification to the following standard:

NCP (Nature Care Product) for laundry detergents and cleaning agents

The labels’ switchover from Ecogarantie to the new standard started taking place mid of 2018 and will likely be completed by the end of this year. It will be a smooth transition.

Standard owner of NCP is the Association for Applied Business Ethics, GfaW, in Bad Soden/Germany.

The label NCP (Nature Care Product) is, at present, the highest ecological standard for laundry detergents and cleaning agents.

NCP guarantees:

• The use of certified organically grown raw materials
• Containing no enzymes of GMO
• Without any petrochemicals
• Optimum biodegradability
• Environmental-friendly recyclable packaging
• Controlled by EcoControl Germany

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The label NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard) has recently been granted to the Sonett Hand Soaps cosmetics line. 

NCS guarantees: 

• The use of raw materials that are certified organically grown 
• No genetic engineering 
• No microplastics, parabens, silicones or phthalates 
• Environmental-friendly recyclable packaging 
• Controlled by EcoControl Germany 


Certification is our customer's guarantee of the highest quality product. Ecological, effective, economical and rapidly 100% biodegradable. Clean with clean ingredients!

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