7 TIPS for a happier home

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1) Create a cosy home

Make sure your rooms are comfortable with everything around you being familiar or nostalgic. Create a relaxed atmosphere, a place for fun and giggles, create a sense of connection and belonging.

2) Declutter

Clearing clutter feels good, you’ll have more space, it’s easier to clean and an organised home goes a long way towards creating a calm home. When everything has its place there’s less likely to be drama looking for ‘lost’ items during a busy morning and getting out the door for the day ahead.

3) Enjoy your possessions

Things you love bring you joy, your camera/phone keeps hold of memories, your music is uplifting, a painting or print on the wall may remind you of a special holiday.

Love the quick and easy trigger cleaning with Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner and good vibes from organic lavender and lemongrass essential oils.

4) Cleaning & Laundry

Cleaning and laundry is a never ending cycle. However, there’s ways to make it easier, for example complete a small task each day, which is better than spending your entire Saturday on the job or put together a roster to share the jobs around the family, so the load isn’t entirely on one person in the family. Perhaps create a playlist of uplifting music for cleaning.

Make it work for you and your family’s schedule, so the result is a clean, comfortable home with the least amount of stress.

We think it’s much more pleasant cleaning with the calming and relaxing aromas of natural and organic essential oils in Sonett products of course, however, we also have fragrance free sensitive range for babies and those who suffer with allergies without natural and organic essential oils.


5) Family connections

Put rules in place to foster your relationships, such as no phones at the dinner table, no television during your family meals either. Make it a time to share and connect in our busy lives.

6) Rituals and celebrations

Celebrate family achievements, light a beeswax candle. Connect with nature and the seasons with a table centrepiece of apples, and golden leaves in autumn, a vase of bare branches in winter, spring flowers and summer flowers and fruit.

7) Perfectionism

There’s no need for it.


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