TIPS for your dishwasher


Your dishwasher machine must be clean for the best results

1) Without having any dishes in your dishwasher use a squirt of Liquid Gall Soap in a full dishwasher cycle to remove any build up of fats and oils in your dishwasher, optimum temperature is 50ºC or over.

2) Clean your dishwasher filter in a sink of hot soapy water with Dishwashing Liquid Lemon or Calendula. Dishwasher filter should be cleaned regularly. 

3) Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda in the dishwasher and leave overnight to neutralise any odours. 


Did you know?

  • Regenerating Salt prevents the development of limescale on glasses and cutlery.
  • An integral part of every dishwashing machine is an ion exchanger which traps the calcium and magnesium ions which cause hard water and feeds soft water into the machine. 
  • If the ion exchanger becomes saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, its absorbing capacity needs to be restored again by means of regeneration.
  • Regenerating Salt causes the exchange of the hardness ions and ensures optimal rinsing results.

Dishwasher Tablets 25x20g

  • Completely biodegradable organic ingredients.
  • Free of enzymes, aggressive chlorinated bleaches, phosphates and synthetic chemical fragrances.

Dishwasher Powder 1kg

3kg and 10kg

  • Natural biodegradable, mineral dishwasher powder.
  • Free from enzymes, phosphates and aggressive bleaching agents.
  • Cleans stubborn dirt with exceptional ease.

Clear Rinse 500ml

  • Prevents streaking and residue on dishes and glasses, leaving them sparkling clean.
  • Sulphated castor oil and sugar surfactants help to reduce the surface tension of water, helping to remove it from your dishes effectively and thoroughly.
  • Suitable for all household dishwashing machines in combination with Dishwashing Powder, Tablets and Regenerating Salt.
  • Clear Rinse is automatically added to the last rinse cycle of the machine and prevents lime stains on dishes, cutlery and glasses.


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