7 TIPS to Reduce Ironing Time


1) Delicates wash is your friend. As soon as the load is done hang garments immediately to dry, preferably out of UV if possible. This technique definitely reduces ironing, in fact you’ll find many items don’t require a iron at all.

Always, always hang clothes as soon as possible, whether with pegs or on hangars, whether out of the washing machine or dryer, or once ironed.

2) Another handy TIP is hang your wrinkled garment in the bathroom while you take a shower. Steam often negates any need to iron at all.

3) Have to give ourselves a pat on the back here, because you’ll find using Sonett Laundry Liquids and Powders your laundry will be much softer, less creasing, meaning less ironing time than conventional products. Everyone wins, including the environment.

4) Almost as soon as you’ve turned your iron on is the time to iron anything delicate that requires ironing. No point waiting about for your iron to come to full heat, get on with the really creased items once the iron is hot.


5) We don’t need to be perfectionists, many items really don’t need to be ironed. For instance I wouldn’t dream of ironing 100% cotton sheets, they’re not that creased anyway, however I have a friend who has meticulously ironed her sheets for years. Each to their own. I’ve found that once a good linen garment has softened over many washes and it’s hung on a hanger straight out of a delicates wash it doesn’t need ironing.

6) I’m told that using a steamer, rather than an iron, makes pressing much quicker and easier.


7) Having the correct tools for the job always helps, as does watching tele or playing your favourite music while you iron. A solid ironing board, with a pretty cover, a good iron, and use Sonett Starch Spray & Ironing Aid with aromatic Rose Geranium and Lavender and you’re away. Also available in 1 litre refill.

P.S. A packed to the rafters wardrobe may cause creasing.



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