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Wool and silk

Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk can be used both in the washing machine, delicates or gentle cycle, and for hand washing.

When used in the washing machine, it is important that the product is placed in the Laundry Liquid compartment of the machine and not on dry laundry, because delicate fabric colours may be sensitive. 


For hand washing, place 15-30ml per 5 litres of water in a bucket or tub
and then place the items in. Gently move the laundry back and forth. Then rinse well.


In order to avoid felting of wool, the laundry items should only be moved gently and not exposed to any temperature shock between washing water and rinse water.


Down can be cleaned well with Olive Liquid Laundry for Wool & Silk
If not stated otherwise, proceed as follows: Select a gentle or delicates wash cycle for 30°C and dose the Liquid Laundry according to the local water hardness. Set additional rinse. Only spin gently!

The laundry will dry in the tumble dryer at low temperature and low filling. Important: When drying without a dryer, downs must be constantly moved during drying so that they do not stick together.

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Sonett makes organic olive oil into a soap that has excellent cleansing, nourishing and moisturising properties for wool and silk textiles. With the help of a sugar surfactant, a mild Laundry Liquid based on soap is produced.

Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk. Gentle cleaning of sensitive textiles with organic olive oil soap and the aroma of lavender essential oil, 100% certified organic. Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk sensitive does not contain any essential oils.

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