7 TIPS to care for your cossies


How to make your favourite swimsuits last longer

Let’s face it swimsuits aren’t cheap and the perfect one is hard to find. So when you do find a couple you love, you definitely want them to last.

Swimsuits are made from stretchy materials which don’t like harsh chemicals such as conventional laundry powders and chlorine, nor do they like heat.

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TIPS for longer lasting swimsuits

1. Rinse ASAP

Salt, swimming pool and hot tub chemicals, sunblock and body oils – rinse your swimsuit in cold water as soon as you can, if you’re not able to wash it immediately after use.

2. Wash

We recommend hand washing in cool water, or cool water delicates cycle in a front loader. Agitators are too harsh.

3. Laundry Liquid

Gentle and effective Laundry Liquid Colour is especially formulated to care for sportswear and outdoor apparel, including swimming costumes. It’s also colour protective. You can use this product in a hand wash or the delicate cycle of a front loader. Rinse well.

4. Drying

Gently squeeze excess water, don’t wring, that’s likely to damage the fabric. Lay your suit on a towel, roll up the towel and squeeze gently to remove excess water. Unroll the towel and leave your swimsuit to dry flat on that, in shade because UV will damage colour and hanging by straps may cause the fabric to stretch.

5. Keep it cool

Swimsuits don’t like heat it weakens the fabric, so hot tubs and hot water washing is not recommended for swimwear.

6. Two to alternate

Alternate between two swimsuits. That way each suit has 24 hours to bounce back into shape. Spandex is a memory fabric.

7. Watch where you sit

If you’re sitting around the pool or anywhere that can snag, tear or damage the fabric, sit on a folded towel or sarong instead.


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