Christmas Cleaning Plan


Not long to go, so it’s time to make a plan. There will be enough to get done closer to the date without having anything more on your plate!

1) Garden and BBQ area

Garden tidy and planting. Think about potted colour and hanging baskets. BBQ and outdoor area clean up.


2) Lounge and Bedrooms

General tidy up, dust and vacuum. Get the kids involved too, donate or reuse, recycle wherever possible.


3) Kitchen

The fridge needs to be spotlessly clean, and you’ll need all the extra space you can get. Baking Soda on a saucer will keep your fridge free of odours, change it weekly. Pantry tidy up time and oven clean too.

4) Bathroom

A thorough clean and love the aroma of Sonett’s Toilet Cleaners at this time of year with essential oils of cedar and citronella or mint and myrtle.


5) Dining and/or Outdoor Area and Last Minute Jobs

Wash glassware, cutlery and crockery. Wash and iron your Christmas linen. Ironing made easier with Starch Spray & Ironing Aid.

Last minute bathroom and loo clean, dust, vacuum and wash floors with a small amount of Orange Power Cleaner, just because the residual smell of oranges works well at this time of year. Fresh towels in the bathroom, Hand Soap and guest towels.



Products featuredOrange Power CleanerAll-Purpose Cleanser – both super economical used in dilution except for the toughest jobs, Multi-Surface and Glass CleanerBathroom CleanerScouring FluidToilet CleanerLaundry Liquid Lavender, Hand Soap Rose and Hand Soap Rosemary.

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