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NO2010 Gall Soap 100g

Price incl. Tax: $4.95 Each
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Indicated for multipurpose spot- and stain-removing.

Ranges of application: Highly effective soap for removing stains and spots caused by grease, fruit, blood, ink, ballpoint pen, grass, and fat, etc. Suitable for all white and colour-fast textiles made from natural fibres and fabric blends. Before washing coloured textiles, test their colour-fastness on a concealed spot.

Available in: 100 g bars 
 NET 3.5 oz (US) A highly effective agent against stains caused by fruit, blood, ink, ballpoint pens, grass, grease, etc. Suitable for all white and colourfast textiles made from natural fibres and blended fabrics. Please test the colourfastness of coloured textiles beforehand on a hidden area of the item. Application / Dosage: Wet the bar of gall soap and rub onto the dry fabric, then allow it to take effect for 10–15 minutes, wash out thoroughly or place the garment straight into the washing machine. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
Ingredients: soap derived from palm and coconut oils*, bovine gall, chlorophyll, salt, sodium thiosulfate.

*Certified organically grown

The Palm oil comes from an ecological and social project in Brazil.

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