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GB4022 Dishwasher Detergent 10Kg

Price incl. Tax: $105.95 Each
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Despite being free from enzymes, surfactants and aggressive bleaching agents it cleans even stubborn dirt with exceptional ease.

Important note: Adjust the built-in water softener of your dishwasher to be one hardness range above your local water hardness.

Available in:
1 kg NET 35 oz (US)
3 kg NET 106 oz (US)
10 kg NET 353 oz (US)

Ranges of application:
Finely grained concentrated powder. Suitable for all household dishwashing machines up to 75 °C. Only to be used for dishwasher-proof crockery. Not to be used for silverware, lead crystal glass and hand-painted chinaware.

15-30 ml per washing cycle

Important note to ensure good dishwashing results: Adjust the built-in water softener in your dishwasher to be one hardness range higher than your actual hardness of water.
Example: Your water hardness is range II (8.4–14 °dH/ 15–25 °fH), then adjust to hardness range III (>14 °dH / >25 °fH). For doing so, please consult the Instructions for Use of your Dishwasher (s. Info Sheet “Dishwasher Detergent”).

Always keep the chambers for the Regenerating Salt and Clear Rinse replenished.
Ingredients: Silicate >30%, Citrate > 30%, Sodium Percarbonate 5-15%, Sodium Carbonate 5-15%.

100% Biodegradable - Recyclable container.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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